Frequently Asked Questions


What Exactly Is A Split Ticket?

Good question.  Rather than buying a traditional through ticket it can often work out cheaper to break your journey down into separate legs.  This is called a split ticket and the total of the combined fares can be lower than the price of the through fare.  It’s all a bit weird really but it’s one of the quirks of the national rail fare system.  You might be carrying a few extra tickets - either an E-Ticket or the old printed types (yes they are still in use) but the savings can be spectacular.


But How Does It Work In Practice?

Suppose you are planning a journey from London to Manchester, or more specifically, from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly. The Trainsplit website utilises its intelligent algorithm to find the most cost-effective ticket splits for your journey. In this particular example, the tickets are divided in the following manner: 

  1. London Euston to Milton Keynes
  2. Milton Keynes to Stoke on Trent
  3. Stoke on Trent to Manchester Piccadilly

Please refer to the illustration below to compare a standard through fare with split tickets.


In this case, you’d be carrying three tickets instead of one. 

Before embarking on your journey, it is essential to consult your itinerary provided by Trainsplit. This itinerary will clearly indicate whether you need to change trains at any point during the trip or if you can stay on the same train throughout. It is important to refer to your itinerary to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

By breaking down the journey into these segments, Trainsplit can identify potential savings and provide you with the cheapest possible fare options for your trip, saving you real money on train tickets!

Disclaimer: Please note that the example presented above may not always correspond to the actual split points for your specific journey. It is intended solely for illustrative purposes, demonstrating the concept of split tickets.

How Much Can I Save?

We always watch the pennies at Trainsplit and we’ve been splitting and saving for years but the actual amount will depend on the journey.  We may not always find a split (we will always try though) but, when we do, some of the savings are good, some are really good and some are amazing – three figures even. 

We also like a stat so we total up the savings every day and, over the years, we can see that we’ve helped our customers to reduce the cost of train travel by £m’s.  But if we are talking averages, when we find a saving, the average amount is a rather tasty 25%.


What About Railcards?

If you’ve got one – don’t forget to use it.  Go to the Railcard dropdown section on Trainsplit, select your particular card and any relevant discount (usually 1/3 off) will be applied making those cheap train tickets even cheaper.


Any Restrictions?

Using theLondon to Manchester example you’d just need to make sure that your train stops at Milton Keynes and Stoke-on-Trent.  It’s also permitted under the National Conditions of Travel so if anyone suggests it’s against the rules you can tell them otherwise (we can also quote the rule numbers and subsections if they really need to know)


Do I need To Change Trains?

No you don’t.  If requested just show the train crew the ticket that applies to the correct section of your journey.  Train crews are used to seeing split tickets now and are very familiar with the process.  In the very early days of split ticketing some people thought that you’d have to actually step off the train and get back on again.  That would be rather annoying but it was never the case.


What About Seat Reservations?

We recommend booking a seat using the trainsplit.com site seat selector.  Not all train companies offer seat reservations though and, in some cases, it may not be possible to reserve the same seat throughout the entire journey.  Some carriages have unreserved seating so you may want to consider trying one of these but, as a back-up, you know you have a reserved seat if you need it.

Ticket information

I prefer paper tickets for my journey, not E-tickets

That’s ok, we can do those too. When you go through to the checkout when making your booking you can select other options, you can select to collect your tickets from a ticket machine at your local station. 

Can I use e-Tickets on the Underground?

It’s unfortunately not currently possible to use e-Tickets on the Underground if your journey necessitates crossing London. As a result, any journeys which involve using the Underground will involve paper tickets as a default.

What happens if I am running late to the station?

It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that they are at the station on time. If you have advance type tickets once that train departs they will no longer have any value, So if you have this type of ticket and think your not going to make it in time, make sure you purchase some new tickets prior to the original departure time and apply for a refund of the originals.

However if you have flexible tickets,such Anytime, off Peak or Super off Peak, you may be able to just catch the next service.

My tickets say I only have 1-2 minutes to change trains. What do I do?

This question often comes up when people look at their tickets and mistake the split points for their itinerary. It is sometimes the case that the points where a journey has been split match the itinerary, but this doesn’t happen very often. We wouldn’t give an itinerary with a change that is only 1-2 minutes long, as this would be completely unrealistic. Our booking system incorporates minimum change times for each station where you change trains. At stations where your tickets have been split, you can remain on the train unless you’re also due to change trains there. If you have any further questions about your itinerary and/or split points, please get in touch with our customer service team, who will be more than happy to assist you.


Do I need my booking confirmation email in order to travel?

In short, no. You will need your tickets and any relevant Railcards, but the booking confirmation email won’t be needed. However, it may be sensible to have it available so you can have your itinerary to hand. If you have tickets which need to be printed, you will need the eight-character booking reference from your booking confirmation email. Whether you have the booking confirmation email available on your phone or printed is completely up to you.

My return tickets have a different date on them to when I’m travelling. What’s happening?

It may come as a surprise that the dates on return tickets can appear to be different from what is expected, so we’d like to give some background.

The date displayed on the return portion of two-part return tickets is always the first day of validity - this is written in the E-Ticket specification published by Rail Delivery Group and is simply a requirement for all return E-Tickets that retailers generate.

In the case of most Off-Peak Return tickets (as opposed to Off-Peak Day Return), the ticket is valid for a return journey within one calendar month. The date of travel is reflected within the itinerary/reservations section below the ticket barcode. If you have any further questions about this, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to explain in a bit more detail.


How do I know if my train’s disrupted?

If your train has been cancelled, then we’ll endeavour to inform you of this by sending an email provided we’re informed of this up to and including the evening before travel – the same applies for any services which are retimed. Unfortunately, we can’t do this for any cancellations on the day. We always recommend that you check your journey before you travel, using services such as National Rail Enquiries. If one of your trains has been cancelled, please contact us, and we’ll be able to advise you of your options.

My train has been delayed, and I got to my destination. How can I be compensated for this?

If your train has been delayed, then you may be eligible for Delay Repay compensation from the train company who caused the delay. This can vary depending on the train company, but most will pay out for delays of 30 minutes or more, with some starting to pay out for delays of 15 minutes or more.


What’s the difference between a refund and Delay Repay compensation?

We understand that disruptions during your journey can be frustrating, and it's important to clarify the difference between a refund and compensation:

Refund: A refund refers to getting your money back for a ticket you didn't use or couldn't use due to a disruption. For example, if your train was cancelled, and as a result, you couldn't or didn't choose to travel on an alternative service, and returned to, or remained at your origin station, you may be eligible for a refund of the ticket cost.

Compensation: Compensation, also known as "Delay Repay," is provided to passengers as reimbursement for disruptions during their journey. It acknowledges the inconvenience caused by factors like delays, missed connections, or poor service quality.

Unlike a refund, which applies to unused tickets, compensation addresses the impact of the disruption and is calculated based on its length and severity. Passengers can claim compensation through the transport service provider's designated process, often via an online delay repay form. It's important to note that as a retailer, we are unable to submit the claim on your behalf or influence the decision made by the train company regarding compensation. Therefore, it is crucial to follow the train company's specific guidelines and submit the claim within the designated time frame, usually within 28 days of travel.


By understanding the distinction between a refund and compensation, passengers can appropriately navigate the process and seek appropriate resolution for the disruptions encountered during their journey.

My Train has been cancelled, what do I do? Can I get a refund? 

If your train has been cancelled, you are able to travel on the next available train, which matches your tickets, this includes the train operator if the operator is named on your ticket and you can continue with your journey.

So can I get a refund? If you used your tickets to travel on an alternative service to get to your destination, then the simple answer is no, however you may be able to apply for Delay Repay Compensation from the train operator which caused the delay to your journey.

How does Delay Repay work with split tickets?

If you've been delayed on your journey and are requesting Delay Repay compensation, then it is payable on the whole journey and not just the tickets which are directly affected, provided the tickets form a single itinerary. As an example of how this may work, we can look at the example from earlier with a journey from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly where the tickets have been split at Milton Keynes Central and Stoke-on-Trent. If your train from London to Stoke-on-Trent ran without issue, but your connecting train from Stoke to Manchester was disrupted and meant that you arrived into Manchester late, then Delay Repay compensation would be payable on all three tickets as opposed to just the Stoke-Manchester ticket.

Amendments & Refunds

Could you please explain the different ticket types available?

Certainly! We offer various ticket types to cater to different travel needs. You can find detailed information on each ticket type, including Advance, Off Peak, Super Off Peak, Anytime, and Flexible tickets, on our dedicated page: Ticket Types ExplainedThis page provides a comprehensive guide to help you understand the features, validity, refund policies, and other important details associated with each ticket type.

My ticket says it's exchangeable, can I just exchange this for another one?

Sadly not, it is not possible to amend a booking once it has been made. The amendment process is to rebook the same journey (origin and destination stations and amount of passengers) and then claim a refund on the original tickets. 

Can I change my tickets by emailing you?

No, unfortunately, we can't make ticket changes through email.

If you wish to amend your journey, you'll need to rebook it online before your first train departs. Remember, you'll have to rebook the journey yourself and then request a refund for the original tickets using our online refund form. 

If you need to change your Advance type tickets, here's how it works:

  1. Rebooking: Start by rebooking the exact same journey (same origin, destination, and number of passengers) for a different date and time. You can do this online but please make sure to do so before the original departure date and time. You can also increase the number of passengers, if needed.

  2. Refund: After rebooking, apply for a refund on the original booking. You'll get a refund up to the value of the original ticket, minus a £5 admin fee. If the replacement ticket is cheaper, it is that value less the admin fee that is refunded.


  • Both rebooking and refund requests must be made before the original departure date and time.
  • You cannot replace one journey with multiple journeys or vice versa.

I want to travel on a different day, what can I do?

It is not possible to change a booking once it has been made. What you will need to do is make a new booking and claim a refund on the original. You will receive up to the value of the original ticket less the £5 admin fee. If the replacement ticket is cheaper, it is that value less the admin fee that is refunded. Please note that all amendments (re-booking and claiming a refund on the originals) must be made prior to the original departure date and time. Also, it is not possible to replace one journey with multiple journeys, nor is it possible to replace multiple journeys with one journey.

I can’t travel anymore. What are my options?

This can depend on the type of ticket you hold. If you have a flexible ticket then we can refund these subject to a £5 admin fee. If the ticket value is less than £5 then there would be no refund due. If you have advance type tickets, restrictive to the reasons we are able to refund these only certain circumstances, contact us and we will try and help you the best we can inline with the restrictions set by the tickets. 

Where will my refund go if my bank card has changed?

If it is just your card which has changed or expired and the account is still open, then the refund will still go to that account. If that account has also been closed, then email us and we will be able to advise of the next course of action.

If my tickets aren’t printed but I want a refund, what do I do?

If your journey is eligible for a refund and your tickets aren’t printed, there won’t be a need to print your tickets in order to obtain a refund.

I put through a refund request by mistake. Can I cancel this?

Once a refund request has been submitted, it is not possible to cancel or refund your tickets. 


There are 2 of us traveling and we have a different railcard each. How do we book?

A limitation of the journey planner we use is that it does not support multiple railcards in one search for split ticketing, so in order that we offer you the best value tickets we unfortunately have to limit you to one railcard per search. As a workaround, you can split your journey into two separate bookings for the same train services but note that there is a risk of the price changing if you wait a while between bookings and you're e.g. booking Advance tickets, so it's best to book one after the other.

This is something we know is a pain point for a lot of our customers and something we are working on to make it easier.

I have a Two Together Railcard, but the other named passenger isn’t able to travel. Can I still travel on the tickets?

Unfortunately not. One of the conditions of the Two Together Railcard is that the named persons must travel together. If only one person travels on tickets that have a Two Together Railcard discount applied, then they may be liable for a penalty fare on account of not having a valid ticket to travel. If you have any questions, please get in touch, and we can discuss options.

I have forgotten or lost my railcard. What can I do? 

In order for you to have a valid ticket, you will need to have your railcard on you while you travel. If you do not have your railcard, you may need to purchase a new ticket. 

Ticket collection

Where can I collect printed tickets from?

If your booking is made with printed tickets, then you will need to select a station where you wish to print the tickets. This is set to be the departure station by default, but if ticket collection facilities aren’t available, the closest options will be presented to you. You can choose any station which supports ticket collection if you wish – it doesn’t have to be the departure station on your booking. You’ll need your eight-character booking reference and a physical payment card to collect the tickets (if you used a virtual card to pay, then don’t worry – you can use a physical card to collect the tickets). If you have any issues printing your tickets, please contact us, and we’ll see what we can do to assist you.

How early do I have to be at my departure station?

We recommend getting to your departure station at least 15 minutes before you’re due to leave. This can help account for things like queues to print tickets at the machine, potential delays with other public transport options or on the road, and how busy the station might be in general if you’re starting at a major station. We do also advise that you print your tickets before the date of travel if you can.

What if there is a problem with collecting my tickets?

We always advise you to get to the station earlier to collect your tickets and not leave it until the last minute. If you have a virtual card, you will be able to use any payment card to collect your tickets from the ticket machine.

The collection reference number is on your booking confirmation email, if it doesn't recognise this number, double check the number and make sure you are able to collect your tickets, and that your booking does not contain E-tickets.

You will usually be given a receipt coupon which shows the amount of tickets which has been printed. Please ensure that you count the coupons (not including the receipt itself) before leaving the machine. If not all of your tickets have printed, and there was an error while printing, please flag down a member of staff and try not to leave the machine. There's a good chance that the ticket may have been lodged inside the machine. The staff will be in the best in place to assist.

If the station is unmanned, please follow these steps if possible or practical to do so:

1. Reach up inside to feel for any tickets that might have got stuck? (this is a common problem)

2. Contact the helpline (number on the machine) to report the fault and request for further assistance. 

I have lost my tickets. What can I do?

We are sorry to learn that you have lost your tickets, but the National Rail Conditions of Travel states that lost / missing tickets will not be replaced nor will refunds be made in respect of them. You will need to purchase new tickets.

Seat reservations

I want a seat reservation, but the system wouldn't give me one. 

There are a few reasons why a seat reservation would not be available, but one of the most common reasons is that service does not offer seat reservations. As the seat reservations come from the train company, we are not able to change this, unfortunately. 

I have made a booking and I have different seat reservations for each ticket, does this mean I have to move seats half way through my journey?

The nature of splits means that our system breaks the journey down into individual legs and then books the tickets separately. This is how we are able to find the savings but, unfortunately, it also means that we cannot guarantee that we can reserve the same seat for the whole journey. Unfortunately, it's not possible to guarantee the same seat throughout because seating policies vary amongst train companies and depend on the ticket sold. But we're working hard with the industry to find a solution. You could just take an unreserved seat for the journey.

Making a booking

Can I book multiple journeys and pay for them together? 

Of course, just like you would when you're shopping online, you can add them to your basket and pay at the end.

I have booked my train travel, but I haven't received my confirmation. 

Once your booking is confirmed, you will be emailed a booking itinerary to the email address on your booking, you would receive this within a few minutes. Please check your junk or spam folder. If you haven't received this, please contact our customer support team who will be able to resend your booking information to you. 

Not all of my bookings are showing on the Trainsplit app?

You can recover past bookings associated with your email address, by going to My Journeys' and following the steps to search for previous bookings.

Can I get a VAT receipt for my booking?

VAT is not charged on train tickets, but you can get an expense receipt. This is located on your booking confirmation, under the Pricing Summary section.  

I can't see how to remove my credit card from my account. How can I do that?

To remove your credit card from your account, follow these steps:

  1. During Payment Stage: When you reach the payment stage, ensure not to check the "save card" box. This will prevent your card details from being saved.

  2. Delete at Payment Stage: You can delete your card details directly at the payment stage without completing the purchase. There's no need to go through with the transaction to remove your card.

We understand this process may not be ideal, and we are actively working on improving card management for a more user-friendly experience in the future.

Travel assistance

How can I organise assistance while travelling?

There are a couple of options here. You can either contact one of the train companies with whom you’re travelling so they can get it all set up, or you can contact Passenger Assistance who can do the same thing.

Customer service

I think your customer service is amazing by email, but it would be nice to speak to someone.

We only provide customer service via email, this means that we can provide good clear advice and instructions which are easy to follow. 

I think your customer service is amazing and I want to tell the world. 

Thanks! We think so too, why not pop along to our Trustpilot page and leave us a review :)


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